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John Sisco is a father to two smart and incredibly talented young ladies and is married to the bride of his dreams. John and his bride adopted their two daughters from China, and they are the inspiration for this book series. When the girls were little, John made up stories and added phrases known as “Siscoisms” to make the girls laugh and make their imaginations soar into the wonderful world of make believe. One night, after many stories, he was telling his oldest daughter, Skye, good night and said “I love you.” Skye in her sweet toddler voice said, “I love you more.” John leaned toward Skye and said “I love you more than worms love dirt.” Skye’s eyes opened really wide and she said with a smile…. “That is a lot of love.” At that moment John realized you could use stories and phrases to add substance to words so children could easily understand their meaning. It was from there that this book series began to grow, and over the years John and his two daughters would say to each other “I love you more than….” and it would bring a smile to their faces and sometimes happy tears to John because now that they are young ladies, they still enjoy their dad’s stories and their love for each other grows every day. John believes that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. That is why he included at the end of each book, thenumbers 1-20, as well as the alphabet with pictures from his book. You can make it a fun, educational time too, referencing the printed numbers to the page numbers, as well as the alphabet with pictures and words in the book. Currently, John is working on the next book in the “I love you more than…” series and is excited to share it with you soon

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I love you more than worms love dirt

This book has it all. There are three books in one! It's not only a wonderful "I love you more than" book, but it also contains a beautifully illustrated alphabet section with upper and lower case letters, as well as a bright, multicolored page dedicated to numbers. Your child will look forward to learning their numbers and the alphabet after experiencing this engaging book on love.

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